The Universe in an Uber

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The Universe in an Uber

I decided to take an Uber home the other day, not a terribly monumental decision usually. Called the ride, got in totally unsuspecting, and got hit with a brick load of truth. This wonderful driver should have had a job as a motivational speaker with the wisdom and passion he handed to me, piece by piece, as we wound our way through the streets of Chicago. Most of what he told me were things I knew, but had forgotten - grown complacent about. Things like purpose and tenacity and driving will, about the dangers of going through life without direction, free to become a pawn in someone else’s plan. I realized, during this 45 minute wake up call, that I had indeed completely forgone any plan for my own life. The call that I felt when I started Elysian Arts, the passion and certain knowledge that THIS was my path, fell to the wayside when life bulldozed me with hard situations. I had forgotten what it was like to trust myself. My Uber-driver-turned-life-coach asked me where my passion lay, what was my purpose? I told him, quietly, about my desire to reach out to people through my blog and my business, to help others learn and grow in their own paths and overcome the mountains and monsters in their way. He asked why in the world I thought I couldn’t do that? Why had I stopped trusting myself, my knowledge and ability? Why would I let a little thing like life get it my way?

While I was busy trying to pick my jaw (and heart) up off the floor, I watched the cityscape pass me by. The buildings and bridges and all the beautiful, wonderful (if often a little grumpy) people that made up the city I have come to love. I thought about all the years I spent trying to get exactly where I am today, chasing my goal all over the map until it led me to where I wanted to be. I thought about the knowledge I had gained along the way, the triumphs and trial-and-errors, the tools I used to make it this far. I wondered when the hell I had stopped being grateful and proud of my achievements. Now I won’t bore you with further details of my internal monologue, but suffice it to say I was wide eyed with renewed possibility. I thought, I should hire this guy to follow me around and shake me awake every now and then. By the time Emmanuel left me on the sidewalk outside my apartment, I was PUMPED. For the first time in a year I was seeing again all the possibilities and promise in the world and the future.

I couldn’t help but notice the timing of this encounter; it was a new moon - a time of releasing negative patterns and limiting behaviors, of welcoming renewal and growth into your life. It was following on the tail of Mabon, a holiday that encourages us to take stock of our lives and the journey that brought us here, to be grateful for all we have achieved and received. Samhain is just around the corner, and with it an urging to look at the past year, our achievements and failures. A time to reflect on the influences of the past year and look to the coming one with hope and renewal. So I listened to the prompting of the universe and I did just that. I sat and reflected on why I let life bog me down and turn me away from my path, on why I had let myself pick up thought patterns and behaviors that limited and diminished me. Most importantly I reflected on how I can get back on that path again, course correct for the future, how I can use my passion, knowledge and skills to help others learn and grow.

With that in mind, I will be making a dedicated effort to post more often, build this community and support my followers in any way I can. I am opening back up the store, so if you want to support me and get some awesome stuff for your practice, head over to the shop and check it out! As always, reach out to me with any questions or comments. Let’s make this a circle to learn, love and grow again.  

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