A Guide to Scrying

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A Guide to Scrying

Scrying is a form of divination that has many different branches and styles. It’s an incredibly useful tool and can be a powerful experience. But more than that it’s also fun to really immerse yourself in the practice and can be an exciting experience! Scrying is useful for so many things, looking into the future or past, receiving messages from the universe or the astral, and even looking into the far reaching present. It’s been used for locating people or objects, or looking deeply into the heart of a matter to gain a better understanding.

There are so many different methods of scrying, using water, fire, mirrors, crystals and crystal balls, and smoke.

Water scrying, also called hydromancy, is one of the most popular methods. It involves filling a bowl or other vessel with water and entering a trance like state as you look into (or perhaps through) the water. It’s common to use rainwater, ocean water or moon water to enhance the energy of the session.

Black Mirrors are another popular scrying tool. They are made from obsidian and are similar to water scrying as the mirror was originally used to imitate the reflective properties of water, just without the movement. These mirrors can often be found decorated with borders of crystals, sigils, or other methods of charging and channeling power.

Crystal balls are excellent tools for scrying due to their shape. In a perfect sphere, a crystal ball can absorb or reflect energy equally in all directions. Many believe that because of this unique property, energy, light, and even time itself can move through the orb uninhibited. This is why they were originally used for divination. You can also use other types of crystals for scrying, especially if they have a semi-flat, polished surface. Crystal scrying can be enhanced by using crystals specific to the purpose of your divination session.

Fire scrying, or pyromancy, is a great beginner method as the flicker and fluid movement of fire is naturally hypnotic. Have you ever found yourself entranced while gazing into a campfire, or even a candle flame? If so, you might find yourself particularly drawn to fire scrying.

Smoke scrying, or capnomancy, is slightly less popular because it can be more difficult for some. This is usually done in the smoke of incense or smudge sticks, although you can use smoke from pretty much any fire. Often times, people report seeing clear shapes or figures in the smoke, and use these images to interpret their session.

Whichever method you use, the technique is usually similar. It requires relaxation, a clear mind, and usually entering a trance like state. In this state, gaze into your medium of choice and open all senses to what you will find there. Scrying is not the same experience for every person, and this is important to remember. Some see clear images, some hazy movements or shapes, some hear the messages instead of seeing them. All of these results are equally valid, take what you’ve received and then interpret it. Sometimes the message will be crystal clear and won’t need much “interpreting”, other times, you may have no idea what to make of what you’ve seen or heard. In the case of the latter, try meditating on the message you’ve received to see if you can gain any clearer understanding of it.

Always be sure to keep a journal or record of your divinations. This can help you keep track of your progress, as well as allowing you to look back and review the messages you’ve received in the past. Sometimes, the clarity of a message won’t become apparent until a little while later, when some event, feeling, or conversation brings another level of understanding.

Scrying is not an exact science, it is something you must practice, get comfortable with, experiment with, and always be open to surprising interpretations. Be confident in yourself and listen to your intuition here, it is often that smallest voice inside of us that is our second sight guiding us.

Good luck on your scrying adventures! Remember to be patient and open with yourself and the universe!

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